Friday, March 31, 2006

HCC Delivers - April Week 1 and 2 Menu

I'm not sure if you've heard of this but it should save you a few bucks. Personally, I think this is the coolest and newest thing there is about working in Makati. If you don't get paid as much as your directors and managers and you want to stash away a few bucks for your own piece of property or a new camera or even a new car or cellphone or have enough money to splurge on your travels, think about this!A normal fast food meal nowadays would cost you Php100.00/meal x 2 meals (if you're really saving up for that grand car and would rather skip breakfast) that totals Php200.00 at the very least. With HCC, you only pay Php45.00/meal x 2 = Php 90.00 per day!

And not just that, HCC has ZERO minimum for orders (aaah, I should get a free meal for this plug!). So even if you're the only one left in the office, you don't need to worry about ordering more. HCC delivers even if you need just a single lunchbox for yourself! Think about cashflow 101 and a healthier lifestyle... no need to line up at the cafeteria at lunch, no need to get wet under the rain... your meals just arrive to you, without having to place an order on a daily basis... and the best part of it all... you can order online - just send an email to

Think about smart alternatives! As their mantra says "Good Food DOESN'T have to be expensive!!!" Too good to be true?!

Here check out a copy of HCC Delivers! menu for April
You may also download a copy of this at their website... HCC Delivers!

Friday, February 24, 2006

PhotoBlog Experiment #7: Appreciating Victorian Art in Bath

Bath is one of the most picturesque places in the United Kingdom that I've ever been to. I'll let the photos do the talking this time around...

And the Avon River... the bridge on the right side of the photo is called Putney Bridge... This is one of the busiest places in Bath, where a lot of commerce is going on, day in and day out.

And lastly my favorite shot from Bath... the Victorian Park with the Gazebo. This place is said to be where the royalty and their maids hang out in the afternoons to appreciate the sunset.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PhotoBlog Experiment #6: Swinging by Swindon

Literally, I just did swing by Swindon to do a little bit of shopping here and there.

Save for a backpack full of perfumes and 5 shopping bags to take back to the Philippines, I didn't do much around here except stayed for the night, hopped on to Bath and did shopping before heading back to Oxford to catch my coach back to London.

PhotoBlog Experiment #5: Journey into Oxford Wonderland

Oxford City - Home to a lot of scholars and popular figures in history. Marie Curie, C.S. Lewis, Alice in Wonderland, and of course Harry Potter (photo below is taken at Christ Church - popularly known as the Gryffindor House in one of the Harry Potter movies).

I had the great opportunity to visit the campus I dream to be part of someday - Oxford University. Some of the photos I'm about to share are part of my walking tour in and around Oxford.

Above is the Radcliffe Camera which is the choice venue for every major academic event every year. It serves as witness to the countless geniuses that pass the rigorous standards set forth by Oxford University.

In honor of one of the greatest inventors of all time, the Botanical Zen Garden below was built to recognize Marie Curie for her countless contributions to the world of science.

Contrary to popular belief, Oxford University is not the same kind of university system that we have in the Philippines. Although it has a centralized admission system, getting into Oxford University actually means, getting into one of the popular colleges within the Oxford University Campus. Some of the colleges that come to mind are Christ Chruch, Nuffield College, St. Anne's College, St. Cross College, St. Peter's College, Trinity College and hoards of other college that comprise the university system.

Of course, how could I miss the last 2 photos in this series - below are guys playing flag football in one of the lawns where one of the quidditch matches in Harry Potter was filmed...

And lastly, the popular pub and hotel, that serves as witness to every victory of the Oxford University Dragon Boat Team.

If I can name one destination in the U.K. that I would love to go back to - it had to be Oxford. It is a place that is so alive with students and pubs everywhere.

Monday, February 20, 2006

PhotoBlog Experiment #4: Hampton Court in Fall

Hampton Court

The Hampton Court is perhaps the only tourist spot that is closest from where I lived. It is heralded as a "summer destination" - overwhelmingly beautiful when the flowers are in full bloom. Despite the weather, the garden remains stunning and its well-manicured lawns open wide to welcome every tourist to its gates.



The Privy Garden(right)




The rain didn't stop me from paying the Hampton Court a visit. For me, it had better be now or never... because I had no idea when I will ever get the chance to go back to that place again.





Staircase leading to the Private Apartments and the King's Chamber (left)






This Tudor Palace was once inhabitted by King Henry VIII who was prominent for his appetite for food (that probably explains the number of kitchen this place has to boot!) ...and wives!

The Canopy Walk (right)








The Fountain Court (right)










The Clock Court(right)

This astronomical clock is believed to be made of pure gold.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

PhotoBlog Experiment #3: Getting Around Middlesex/Surrey

Sunbury served as my home throughout my entire stay in the United Kingdom. It is located in the Greater London area, approximately 45 minutes by train to London proper. There is a residential/semi-commercial feel to Sunbury and it really feels like you live in a very big village in the country side. Here are some of the few things that you can do in and around Middlesex/Surrey:


My favorite shopping destination in Middlesex is Kingston. Every Thursday nights, I usually jump on the 4:12 train from Sunbury to Kingston to take advantage of the late closing hours of the stores. My favorite shopping place - H&M, Donna Perkins, Marks and Spencers, Topshop (they have helluva sale all the time!!!), and of course I love doing my groceries at Sainsbury. To cap the night, I almost always treat myself to a nice dinner at Nando's, by the riverbank (my favorite is Peri-Peri Chicken - Mild)... This is one of the things I miss most. I just love the food here! Another shopping destination is Staines although its a little bit farther than Kingswood, thus I only go there on weekends. I love it - especially H. Samuel. It's a watch store that sells timepieces on sale almost all the time! (Well, at least, on both times I went there) - I got 4 new watches in a span of 1 month :-)

Movies @ The Odeon

It's a little bit expensive to watch movies anywhere in the UK. A film that has been running for 3-6 weeks would usually cost around 6-10 Pounds sterling (approximately Php 600-1000 - exchange rate is Php 98 to 1 Pound when I was there). Still the experience is different so I agreed to go with my friend to watch "Love Actually" - a very British movie played by Hugh Grant. The experience was quite fun, probably because I was actually watching an English film in an English environment.


There are loads of party places in the UK that you could go to. Unfortunately, they are soooo expensive and they easily turn me off - my philosophy being - I don't want to pay to get a headache the next day. But if you're someone who's nightlife is on full swing, definitely partying is something you shouldn't miss - Kingston and Staines both have amazing pubs and clubs that you can go to - loads of folks from the Uni go there so you just can't miss out on the fun!!! I saved the photos for this on a different section on my photoblog so you can check out the different kinds of party you get to experience on your London trip.

And last but not the least -

Taking yourself on a train adventure

This photo shows me on on my way home to catch the last train to my flat @ the white house on green street. Had I missed this train, I would have had to take the cab, which usually costs 15 pounds from Kingston. FYI - Train rides usually cost 2.52 pounds sterling for a return ticket to Kingston from Sunbury so you can just figure out the difference - do the math!


Nothing beats a long night just hanging out with a good friend, sipping wine at the whitehouse on green street! All the fun and excitement that you get from catching up on your life stories - stuff from back home and the things that London has to offer to an eager tourist! Truly, this experience - PRICELESS!

PhotoBlog Experiment #2: London by Day

Apologies for taking some time to upload the rest of the photos but hope you enjoy these bits and pieces from my day trip in London:

The Piccadilly Circus Underground Station
Piccadilly Circus is home to the illuminated advertising that is so popular in London. A lot of people flock to the streets in Piccadilly Circus admiring the huge well-lit advertising billboards on buildings, as well as the other monuments in the area such as the Piccadilly Circus memorial fountain, the Angel of Christian Charity and the Criterion Theatre.


This sort of Pharaoh-like structure adds an Egyptian touch to the pseudo-museum at Harrod's. It is also in this area where the ring (with a 15 carat diamond - not sure about this but it was HUUUUGE!) and other remnants of Princess Diana's and Dodi's car crash are displayed for public viewing. I didn't bother to shop at Harrod's because it was soooo expensive and converting it in peso makes it all the more expensive.

The Buckingham Palace

The home of the Royal Family, this is where Prince Charles and Camilla and the handsome William and Harry lives. :-) We were lucky to catch the changing of the guards but a little bit unlucky that I ran out of batteries so this is my last decent shot of the Buckingham Palace.

We will Rock You @ The Dominion Theatre

Who would go to London and miss the West-End plays?!? Well, definitely not me! I love plays and even when the box-office online sites told me there were no tickets left, I still braved the cold icy London rain to check out if there were returns at the Box Office of the Dominion Theatre. Perhaps it was my lucky day because I managed to get one seat!!! It was probably the best play I've seen my whole life. But I won't spoil it for you so you better try your luck at the box office yourself! :-)

Busking with a Pied Piper

When I saw this busker fronting the Virgin Records, I couldn't help but approach him to get our photo taken. It's just so English, something I will never see from back home so I just went ahead...

The Popular Trafalgar Square and
Nelson's Column

This is one of the most popular places in London where a lot of tourists flock. This is a monument to commemorate the victory of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Trafalgar Square is most famous for the pigeons that flock here in huge numbers but selling of pigeon food is prohibited by Ken.

Uhmmm and last one...

I actually forgot where I took this photo but it was probably somewhere between Leicester Square or Piccadilly and Oxford Circus. One of the best shots I took with my point and shoot. :-) If anyone out there reads my blog and knows where this is and what this is called, please leave me a message so I can update it!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

PhotoBlog Experiment #1: London@Night

Seeing London at Night through the lens of my handy Point and Shoot IXUS II digicam was rather frustrating but let me show you a bit of this and that from my London walking tour on a cold winter Friday evening....

London Tower Bridge - one of London's most popular landmarks, the bridge splits into two to allow ships that have high vertical clearance to pass through. It was also on this site where David Blaine, the magician, took his endurance test, by suspending in a plexiglass box for 44 days living only on water fed through a tube.

The Big Ben - Also known as the popular Clock Tower of Westminster, the clock is known for its reliability. It is a common image that represents the United Kingdom, specifically London.

The clock was masterfully designed and created, thus having only one major breakdown since its existence. Check this site for a live view of the Big Ben.


Scores of Cantonese and Szechuan restaurants abound in London's Chinatown. There are also supermarkets selling oriental cooking ingredients. Dinner in Chinatown is my favorite part of my London trips - especially the Friday night set meals at Yeung Chou! Yuuuummmyy!!! :-)

............ and some day shots on my next post!

My photoblog experiment

I have been thinking about how I could actually relive my London experience when that was all but 2.5 years ago and my not so reliable memory can only go by the photos that sit on a disc on one of my shelves. This is actually the reason for my hibernation, aside from the fact that I have been a little bit busy with work and what not.

Tonight, the idea hit me like an incessant light bulb flashing in my head, relentless of my half-awake state. As if some adrenaline rush hit me out of nowhere I decided to start my photo blog experiment.

So sit back, relax and enjoy my next few posts.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as my other blogs

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

From London to Paris for 29.99 Pounds Sterling!

I saw this offer on Euro Star while looking for cheap accomodation and flights from London to Paris...

Whooooaaaa amazing! In just a matter of 2 hours and 35 minutes on a bullet train, the EuroStar takes you from the Posh, Cosmopolitan London (Waterloo station) to the cultured and elite environment of Paris, home to the Champs Elysees and the world famous Eiffel Tower.

This offer is absolutely tempting... If only London was a stone's throw away from my apartment.. I would literally jump at this once in a lifetime chance!

Just when you thought you couldn't get anything better than that, here comes another astounding discovery, throw in a 3-day hotel accomodation + train ride...all for the price of... *drumroll* 363.84 Pounds Sterling for 2 Pax!!! Now, who says you can't go to Paris on a Budget? Man, that's only Php3,000 more than a round trip ticket to Cagayan de Oro for me... *sigh* I wish we had bullet trains in the Philippines. Travelling won't be so expensive then.

For more details, check out and explore the EuroStar website now!

Reliving London and all its Glory

Two years have passed since my 2-month adventure in London, but I haven't compiled an album about my trip...just yet. My spasmodic attempts at putting together photos and essays and what-not, render me speechless most of the time. The place is just so magnificent beyond words and no amount of photos could totally capture the amazement, the fun and all the excitement this place has to offer.

So why blog about the whole thing after 2 years? My excitement re-surfaced today when my sister told me she will be going to Europe in April!!! Wooooow... I wish I could go with her, I would have offered to be her guide in and around London! That could save her loads of pounds on walking tours... Oh well...when I have more moolah, I will definitely go backpacking - an adventure I didn't have the luxury to do during my pre-winter visit.

Anyway, the next few posts in this blog will be about London and the nicer places in Europe that's worth squeezing in a weeklong trip... and if I find any helpful resources, I will probably touch a little on sleeper and bullet trains to go cross country - now, isn't that cool?!?